Pastor Aaron and Lisa Russell

Every Saturday at 8:00 am, Pastor Aaron and Lisa Russell lead a Search and Rescue Ministry where their goal is to spread the gospel, pray, and believe for the impossible to become possible for all who believe.

If you would like to be involved in this area of ministry, fill out our contact form below, or text our church number at 559-378-1700. You can also contact Pastor Aaron directly at (832) 691-3365.

Reaching Uganda

Pastor Aaron and Lisa are raising money for their missions trip to Uganda. For many years they have been financially supporting Magodes Tororo Church, led by Pastor Terah Olukol, in Mukuju, Tororo, Uganda. Now Pastor Aaron and Lisa have the opportunity to travel to Uganda and meet the lives they’ve been supporting. If you’d like to support their trip, visit our giving link and select the “Pastor Aaron and Lisa’s Trip to Uganda” option.


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